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UltraPrint Announces 12K Ultra-Fast, High-Resolution 3D Printer That Delivers Unmatched Speed and Quality

UltraPrint Announces 12K Ultra-Fast, High-Resolution 3D Printer That Delivers Unmatched Speed and Quality

Today, the UltraPrint team, pioneers in the realm of advanced 3D printing solutions, announced the release of the UltraPrint 12K Ultra-fast 3D Printer. This revolutionary printer combines ultra-high 12K resolution with impressive speed, offering both hobbyists and professionals access to next-level 3D printing. Engineered with user-friendly features like an auto-resin system and a built-in air purification setup, the UltraPrint 12K lets users craft lifelike models with ease. Ultra-Print is coming soon on Kickstarter in mid-November. To learn more, click here.

UltraPrint 12K has a large print volume up to 353 x 198 x 380mm. It features a 12K resolution, boasting a maximum 12K resolution and an XY precision of 19×24 microns. This industry-leading resolution lets users create models with extraordinary precision that showcase intricate details, crisp edges, and lifelike quality. Beyond the stunning resolution, the UltraPrint 12K shatters speed limits, with print speeds of up to 200mm/h. This speed, coupled with precise resolution, allows users to bring their visions to life faster than ever.

“We believe that innovation in 3D printing should not come at the cost of user experience. Whether it’s the hobbyist looking to create miniature models or a professional creating an essential prototype, everyone deserves precision without the wait. UltraPrint 12K makes it all possible. Our focus was on creating a printer that combines unmatched resolution with unparalleled speed. Then, to make it user-friendly, we added features like advanced auto bed leveling and integrated post-curing function to ensure a hassle-free experience. The UltraPrint 12K is not just a printer, it’s a revolution.” – UltraPrint CTO, Nicholas Huang.

What sets UltraPrint 12K apart is not just its performance but its intelligence. Smart features, such as resin auto-fill and auto-pump, ensure uninterrupted printing processes. UltraPrint’s Auto-feeding System automatically refills the resin tank; with the Resin Auto-pump feature, the printer will automatically retrieve the leftover resin and put it back into the resin reservoir each time printing is completed. This makes it easier and safer to clean and saves time. Furthermore, the built-in air purification system guarantees a safer working environment by purifying odors emitted during printing sessions, making them efficient and safe, especially for home users.

In addition, UltraPrint also includes an integrated post-curing function. A portable ultraviolet light begins the curing process after printing is complete for fast, consistent, and reliable curing of models. This function takes the place of expensive add-on devices for post-curing, allowing users to do more with less.

UltraPrint is available in two versions to satisfy the needs of any user. The standard version provides 12K resolution and supports a maximum print volume of 218.88*122.88*260mm, while UltraPrint Pro offers 8K resolution and offer a print volume of 353*198*380mm for extra-large applications.

Discover the future of 3D printing now. UltraPrint 12K Ultra-fast 3D Printer offers exclusive deals and discounts for early adopters.

Learn more about the new world of 3D printing with UltraPrint 12K here.

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UltraPrint Announces 12K Ultra-Fast, High-Resolution 3D Printer That Delivers Unmatched Speed and Quality

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