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Xata Adds File Attachments to Serverless Database Offering

Xata, the Postgres-based data platform, just released File Attachments, allowing developers to reduce the number of services they manage and securely attach files — images, documents, binaries, and more — directly to a database record.

The File Attachments feature offers users a fully managed, scalable, and secure file storage service that is built on top of the Xata serverless database. It allows developers to reduce the number of services they manage and securely store files — images, documents, binaries, and more — directly in their database.

Today’s developers face the ongoing challenge of handling a maze of multiple services for their databases. This is all done to ensure that their applications run smoothly and offer critical features to users. And when it comes to file storage, it’s no different – just one more service they need to handle.

Introducing Xata File Attachments, a distinctive addition to the Xata serverless database platform, providing developers with an all-inclusive solution to expedite product launches and streamline processes. With File Attachments, developers can:

  • Store files of any size, type, or format from a simple API
  • Retrieve files from a low-latency CDN
  • Transform images directly through the REST API and SDKs
  • Securely access through database roles and URL access levels

File Storage is available now for all Xata customers. For more information, visit https://xata.io/file-attachments

Xata is leading the industry with an expansive suite of functionalities available on their Postgres-based serverless data platform that includes native integrations with OpenAI’s ChatGPT, vector search capabilities, full-text search, rich data types and so much more. 

File Attachments is one of many new features announced during Xata Launch Week on Monday, August 28. Existing customers will also be excited to know that some highly requested and anticipated features have also been released. 

For a complete list of features being announced during Xata Launch Week, visit https://xata.io/blog/launch-week-august-2023

You can follow Xata on Twitter at https://twitter.com/xata


How much does File Storage cost?

Access 15GB of free storage on the on-disk size per unit in the free tier. Upgrades available. See the pricing page for additional details: https://xata.io/pricing

Where can I learn the technical details and see code examples?

Please visit our technical documentation for detailed information on our storage offering available at https://xata.io/docs/concepts/file-attachments

How can I get started with Xata?

Sign up for a Xata account today, and get up to 15GB of storage for free (no credit card required): https://xata.io/start-free

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Xata Adds File Attachments to Serverless Database Offering

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