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YI Unveils Improved YI Dome Guard in 2K HD

YI Unveils Improved YI Dome Guard in 2K HD

Leading smart home camera provider introduces upgraded product with enhanced features

YI Technology marks a significant achievement in the smart home camera industry with the release of the YI Dome Guard, now upgraded from 1080p to a commendable 2K HD image quality. Sean Da, Chairman of the Board of KamiVision, emphasized the camera’s enhanced precision and detail, offering users a clear and reliable indoor security solution.

The YI Dome Guard presents an improved visual experience with 2K image quality, featuring an upgraded 3 million pixels and a resolution of up to 2304 x 1296. This development ensures clarity in every angle, enabling users to observe events with noteworthy detail.

Enhanced with advanced artificial intelligence, the camera accurately distinguishes persons, vehicles, animals, and abnormal sounds. This functionality substantially reduces false alarms, providing users with real-time motion-triggered alerts should they choose to subscribe and leverage this feature.

With a 355° pan and 84° tilt, the YI Dome Guard ensures comprehensive coverage. The YI Home App facilitates easy pan and tilt control, allowing users to mark specific corners for quick monitoring through the Activity Zone feature. Simultaneously, supporting camera-sharing for access to multiple cameras ensures a comprehensive and real-time view of users’ spaces.

Featuring 850-nm infrared lights, a high-sensitivity image sensor, and an F1.9 large aperture lens, the YI Dome Guard 2K captures detailed images even in low-light conditions, as highlighted by Mr. Da. The camera’s automatic tracking and following of moving objects, coupled with the built-in microphone and speaker, enable users to hear sounds from the scene and communicate with individuals on the camera side.

Offering both local SD card storage and cloud storage through YI Cloud, and working through the Kami App, users can trust that their data and recordings are secure and accessible, even in the event of camera theft or damage. The YI Dome Guard seamlessly integrates into smart home ecosystems using voice commands with Alexa and Google Assistant.

The YI Dome Guard 2K is now available for immediate purchase through the YI Amazon Store, and a special limited-time discount is offered to buyers.

About YI Technology

YI Technology, a global innovator since its establishment in 2014, leads the way in smart home technologies. Committed to delivering high-quality, accessible devices, we empower users with cutting-edge solutions for home security and beyond. YI partners with Kami to leverage the Kami App as a channel for our cameras. Our global team of industry-leading experts, with decades of experience in imaging technology, algorithms, data analysis, cloud computing, and edge computing, envisions a future where smart cameras and computer vision empower people to see what truly matters.

Press Kit
Images and additional information supporting the YI Dome Guard 2K are available at https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1RZKGR7y-gR13_zG4fyqx5l5Clx-ISVhA. 

For more information, visit:

Website: www.yitechnology.com
KamiCloud: kamihome.com/kami-cloud
Online Store: https://store.yitechnology.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/YITechnologyOfficial
Instagram: www.instagram.com/YITechnology
Twitter: www.twitter.com/YITechnology
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/YI-Technology

Source: Kami Vision

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